Security researcher short course

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This course will help you acquire the skills needed to find new security bugs and Performing hacking techniques


  1. Nothing just know to run apps on computer
  2. HTTP client server Architecture
  3. Basics of HTML and JS.
  4. Basics of PHP and ASPnet

If you know about some of these things then it will be more beneficial and will be easy for your understanding this course.


  1. Hard Worker and If you want to make yourself do something
  2. Web & Software Developer

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A security researcher searches for new security bugs and hacking techniques. so this Security researcher short course will teach you how to do it.

First learning the C and C++ languages is important & It’ll teach you about a bunch of stuff that will come in handy later on and provide a base language for you to build on. Second, we will teach you how the internals of operating systems work, also your knowledge of C will be helpful here for knowing about structures and how they work. Third, you need to learn x86 assembly language. You’ll be doing a lot of reverse engineering to get a feel of how software really works at it’s heart. Again your C/C++ background will really come in handy here and save you a lot of time & PRACTICE! At this point get to master the first three steps above until you know EVERYTHING about each one inside and out. For tools just focus on IDA-Pro, Ollydbg, Immunity Debugger, and Windbg.

After you have done everything above you can fork your training out depending on what you’re looking to do.

Other languages to learn would be Python and Ruby because a lot of open source tools are programmed in those and there great for quick PoC coding.

If you want to get into vulnerability research get into reversing malware of all kinds, whatever you can get your hands on. This will give you a good insight into other areas that will be a good skill base to add to your current resume such as obfuscation, packers, more in-depth knowledge of the structure of executables, etc.

We will teach you everything you need to learn, Check the syllabus click here

if you think these 3 days of training are over price, we are charging high fees for this certification training,
We have something to prove you wrong, we are going to give you 3 amazing devices that can change your future,
I will give you some resources that can help you in your journey of security searching,
lastly, you will get your mentor for lifetime support, if you maintain good relations Cehpoint is open for you every time.

Generally, you need 10,000 hours to be an expert in anything. but I believe it’s almost impossible for a beginner to be a consistent learner without proper mentorship, you can’t keep yourself up to date without having a mentor, and it’s impossible to survive in information security without a mentor.

you can do your self-study, it’s really great thing and important,
but it’s possible when you have proper guidance if you are not having a mentor who can demonstrate something in front of you & if you not have someone to influence you to do something but if you are confident if you are a self-disciplined person particularly if you learn lots of things you research online but you will never feel you are in the loop.


infinity symbol infinity svg png icon download 17 Security researcher short course            first, you learn something online, then you start doing something interesting & you experienced a failure, you learn from the mistakes you again try, you learn more things, you forget old basic concept, again you learn, do work, during work you understand you need to learn more, you face a problem you change your mind, you start learning something new. it’s just a loop


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3 reviews for Security researcher short course

  1. Hacker Sourav

    jit da legend mal 40 minute time a buffer overflow sikhia baracca, but ja dam course er tao covid time a aktao free diccho na tai 5 star dilam na.

  2. Rahul

    Kom time a anek sikhachi.
    Community te anek help payachi, Cehpoint E-Learning Library Labmanual CTF Tryhackme sob study korlam, akta darun experience holo, 3din class kore ami Xss Csrf Sqli file inclusion Buffer overflow, Security implementing.. etc sikhachi,
    Class er duration 4 hours chilo por por 3days, 7din er Internship kore baki sob choto vai der basic pentest class niye nijer anek confidence level bariachi.
    Thank you so much Jit Banerjee & Cehpoint E-Learning.

  3. Rahul Sharma

    Best time saving course

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