Cehpoint Certified Pentesting expert

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Students can expect real Penetration testing skills with advanced practical learning in VPN labs

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Purpose of learning

The number of Internet users is growing faster than last year. The amount of information is now much higher and more important information is being stored and processed in various information systems and many cyber security experts are being hired to process this information securely. A skilled pentester can effectively explain to a CISO how a hacker can harm an organization or company through various types of attacks and also can describe how future attacks will happen if vulnerabilities are not fixed can be explained with evidence and suggest security improvements


  • Our labs grow as we discover new exploits
  • We use offsec Exploit Database and pentest assessments to ensure the students stay updated
  • Students are exposed to real-world scenarios

Jobs you can get

  1. Lead Penetration Tester
  2. Information Security Analyst
  3. Software security support
  4. Security Administrators
  5. IT Security Engineers
  6. Application security engineer

Cehpoint Certified Pentesting expert online training

✅You will be recognized as a professional pentester and You will get certified to work willingly in any IT industry at a good level.
✅You will get full hands-on training on the live projects to find the bugs and errors in them.
✅It will help you to demonstrate the runtime errors and how to get rid of these problems.
✅It will help you to better protect your system from major attacks and you will know how to target such attacks

✅ Students will be able to learn everything that is required to do a penetration test by doing this course.

✅Complete knowledge of how to make full use of the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual can be found in this training.

✅Here you can learn Pentesting by doing not by watching!

✅This pentest course also includes a complete drone view of starting a pentesting program and report writing for the pentesting program and you will also learn how you can give recommendations for remediations.

Complete beginner candidates play this recorded webinar

Attend 1vs1 demo class
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Time: Tomorrow at 11 am
To join this meeting just Call – 9091156095

No cost EMI available

If you are joining before September you can get a chance to win Raspberry Pi 400


If you feel that a course doesn’t meet your expectations, we guarantee you 100% money back within the first 4 classes.

2 reviews for Cehpoint Certified Pentesting expert

  1. Rajesh Kumar

    Highly advanced training program, but demo classes was beginner friendly, thank you for your guidance, people have taken very good decisions if joining cehpoint learning for their education related cyber security. I hope Cehpoint will support me to get a job.

  2. Deepti Singh

    Cehpoint E-Learning great online institute for skills development.
    Pentesting expert course demo class is great for beginners & it’s free for everyone.
    Honestly speaking
    After the free demo class many calls will come and the student will be forced to join because student will think that if he/she does not join then will miss something very big.
    But there is no false promises, everything we learn here by doing, maximum other institute provide videos & PPT presentation classes.
    please provide installment option for this course.

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